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EasyLink Business Services / Filip Korinek

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Office country location: Czech Republic + in-market consultants in all other markets listed below
Coverage: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia.
Members/principals: (Mr.) Filip Korinek

Contact details:
EasyLink Business Services
Na Berance 2
160 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 222 81 22 81
Fax: +420 222 81 22 83
Email: filip.korinek@easylink-cee.eu

Company Description:

EasyLink Business Services is a strategic market research and international trade consultancy. EasyLink provides professional services to companies seeking sales, market-entry, investment or sourcing opportunities, commercial intelligence and/or business partners/customers in Central & Eastern Europe.
EasyLink's key expertise and services in market research:

Member/Principle Biography:

Filip is a senior consultant with 20 years of experience in strategic market information and research, with uniquely strong experience in assisting new-to-market companies in assessing market potential, selecting the best route to market, and identifying and addressing potential customers and distribution partners. His company has helped hundreds of foreign companies in entering markets of Central & Eastern Europe.
Filip holds a Master degree in Economics at the Charles University in Prague. His master’s thesis was nominated for the J.Vavrousek Prize. He also studied on a scholarship at Universite Paris I – Sorbonne. His professional experience includes work at the US Embassy in Prague and the World Bank. Within his role of EasyLink‘s owner and managing director, Filip leads trade promotion programs in multiple CEE markets for foreign governments including those of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wales, Hong Kong, and others. He speaks fluent English and good French and German, in addition to his native language – Czech.

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