SRK and Associates / Sushama R. Kanetkar & Supriya Kanetkar

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Office country location: India
Coverage: Union of India
Members/principals: Sushama R. Kanetkar & Supriya Kanetkar

Contact details:
203 Infantry Court
130 Infantry Court
Bengaluru – 560001
Tel: + 91-80-41149071/72 & 32903873
Fax: +91-80-22868719
US vonage number: +1 215 279 8653
Email: and

Company Description:

SRK and Associates is an international business consultancy firm headquartered in Bangalore, India with additional persons in Mumbai. The mission of SRK and Associates is to assist its clients in their process of internationalization, by providing vital inputs and strategies so as to accelerate the process (of internationalization) while minimizing the risks and costs involved.
SRK and Associates has four full time senior consultants and three part time associates. The firm is headed by Sushama R. Kanetkar. The consultants have been providing export promotion services to Department of Community and Economic Development, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA since July 2001 and inward investment attraction services to the same department since July 2008 to till date.

Member/Principle Biography:

The Consultants Sushama R. Kanetkar and Supriya R. Kanetkar have rich and diverse experience in internationalization strategies and have dealt with clients from varied industries and with different stages of internationalization. They have assisted, in various professional capacities, numerous foreign companies from Europe and United States of America in their efforts to entrench Indian market. Sushama has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce with special subject as Advanced Accounting and Auditing and a Master’s degree in Economics and Supriya has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and a Master’s degree & an M. Phil in Political Science with Specialization in Political Analysis and Politics in Developing Countries. In her Pre-doctoral research Supriya dealt with changing political trends and emergence of regionalism in Indian politics.

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