SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA: South Africa’s Steel Sector Opportunities Grow A recent report by ResearchAndMarkets.com posits that Israel’s defense expenditure as a percentage of its GDP is anticipated to increase to an average of 4.5% annually through 2024. The Israeli defense budget currently stands at ca. US$17.6 billion. Overall, Israel is projected to spend a total of […]

Keeping it REAL

Keeping it REAL Will Keep You in Business Internationally: Business-to- Business In-Person Meetings to Remain Relevant and Grow in Importance for Export Sales The world is moving simultaneously toward more digitalisation in meetings and a greater importance on personal meetings for sales outcomes. These two trends amplify each other. The key is not to fall […]

Israel was the only country in the Middle East so recognized

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Six new Israeli firms were listed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) among its 100 New Technology Pioneers in 2020.   The WEF announced last week its 2020 Technology Pioneers, described “as future headline-makers addressing global issues with cutting-edge technology.” “From artificial intelligence (AI) to carbon capture, this year’s cohort is using innovations to protect […]