At IBG Global, we specialize in developing and executing successful market entry and international growth strategies for our clients. We work to exceed the goals of our clients through a variety of business development activities such as matchmaking, partner and joint venture sourcing, direct and indirect representation, site location and investment assistance across most major industries and product categories. These efforts begin with the establishment of client goals based on thorough market research, followed by the development of a strategy to achieve those goals.

"Today, IBG Global has the expertise to directly develop markets in 150 countries worldwide and continues to grow."

Realizing the value of their expertise and the advantage of their in-country presence, this loosely affiliated group of independent companies formalized their association. In 2000, IBG Global was established with the purpose of leveraging the skills and common practices to form a unique organization that could provide international business development services on an outsourced basis to private companies public sector entities worldwide.

Today, IBG Global has the expertise to directly develop markets in more than a 200 countries worldwide and continues to grow. IBG Global’s consultants provide our clients with highly skilled trade and investment knowledge, fluent English and local language skills, large public and private sector networks of contacts, and an in-country presence that will accelerate your market entry, better enabling you to capitalize on the very lucrative business of international trade. In parallel, IBG Global can dramatically reduce the financial risk inherent in the unique and unfamiliar forum of the global marketplace. Maximizing your ROI has never been safer or easier.

Allow IBG Global to help take some of the guesswork and risk out of your global expansion plans. And please take a moment to visit our Senior Partners page where you will meet many of our professionals from around the world.

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