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The life of a company is about reaching milestones (internationalization, evolution of the offer, double-digit growth, M&A, etc…)

During this period, resistance phenomena and waste of resources – what we call at Lily-Perf “internal non-qualities” – are often revealed.

However, overcoming obstacles caused by internationalization, whether organic or through an acquisition, is highly resource-intensive. It is therefore crucial to identify non-qualities and cure the critical ones early in the process.

How do we do this?

As a starting point, we perform a diagnosis of your company’s international development maturity and identify the necessary drivers to activate which condition the success of your development strategy.

If needed, we propose priority actions, whose purpose is to strengthen your organization’s fundamentals upfront.

Then we elaborate the terms of your deployment plan in France with you and take care of its implementation.

What do we do?

Our mission is to help you entering new territories and perform efficiently and sustainably.

We provide consultancy in business development and trade facilitation. We:

  • analyze the market potential and competition
  • search for and pre-qualify in-country partners and customers
  • conduct business due diligence of targeted acquisitions
  • provide assistance with bidding for major projects
  • are your voice vis-à-vis public and private agencies operating in France. In this respect, we conduct research of numerous available local supports.

Member/Principle Biography:

Brigitte Le Borgne founded Lily-Perf early 2017, based on a nearly 30-years’ on-hands experience of transformation, gained in various industries and challenging contexts.

A former CFO/Deputy CEO in international listed corporations, as well as of a turning around company under LBO, she acted as a team leader of several strategic projects, such as cross-border.

M&A’s and integration, contract negotiation with key vendors and customers, or group-wide ERP implementation.

She demonstrated the tremendous benefit for the company and its ecosystem of consistency, trust and engagement, which are her values and driving forces.

For two years now, she has advised several French sme’s willing to go international, as business coach and Paris-area group leader of an excellence program, Stratexio (*), whose mission is to help companies evolve from an opportunistic to a massive and structured approach of international expansion.

Her deep involvement in this program has enabled her to develop a strong network of experts and key information sources.

(*) Stratexio has been created by the MEDEF – the largest employer’s trade union in France – and is sponsored by key private and public partners.

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