Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has been the the faster growing part of Europe

Home to around 200 million people, the region consists of 20 countries, of which 11 are members of EU, the world’s third largest economy after the USA and China. The region has enjoyed outstanding development during the past 30 years, building on strong manufacturing capabilities, including hi-tech production, advanced R&D, knowledge-based services and excellent technical education. The largest and most advanced economies in the region, typically offering best opportunities for foreign companies looking for partners, customers or suppliers, include Poland, Czech, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. Specific strengths and opportunities also exist in the smaller markets of Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as in some CEE countries outside of EU such as Serbia.


Identify potential importers/distributors; Pre-qualify them; and then Facilitate contact in Central and Eastern European countries

We offer a five step program to ensure the success of every client. We will…

1. Consult with you to determine which markets have the best potential for success

2. Identify distributors or partners most likely to match your needs and requirements

3. Pre-screen these candidates to ensure interest, reliability and capability

4. After your review, arrange meetings for you with the candidates, either virtually or in person

5. Accompany you to the meetings, whether virtually or in person

We have designed our VIP service package for your success. Our commitment to you is to be with you every step of the way as you explore new overseas markets.



We cover the following CEE markets

Baltics Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
CEE Czech, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia
SEE Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia


IBG Global has the capability and expertise to facilitate business matching with distributors, importers and partners in CEE

IBG Global is an association of private commercial consulting firms with offices and staff in 73 countries. Covering more than 200 country markets, IBG Global has completed export sales assistance projects for over 40,000 different companies and represents many corporate, national and sub-national entities engaged in export sales and investment assistance worldwide. IBG Global has a wealth of experience in international business development, which can be your guide to your own success. Our approach is solutions driven, based on what works in the global business environment, by providing key qualified international sales leads and market research.

Feel free to see some of our clients and our company overview for examples of our work.

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