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Ester is an International Business Export Consultant and a Digital Export Manager. She provides customized export services to both Italian and foreign SMEs in order to help them to successfully penetrate international markets.



Ester has a degree in International Relations, a Master for International Functions and a Master in Business Administration in marketing and strategic management.

Her professional career began 16 years ago in the procurement office/international tender department of a civil engineering company based in Sicily. Then continued for a couple of years in a consulting firm, headquarter in Florence, as a junior consultant for the internationalization of SMEs. Subsequently, she collaborated as a financial officer in the context of a European project with a consortium of companies dealing with textile and accessories in countries like Italy, Spain, India and Pakistan, managing the accounting and technical reporting of the project, mainly for audit purposes.

For a period of 8 years, she was employed at the Commercial Section of the Embassy of Pakistan in Rome where she carried out activities regarding export and investments promotion in sectors like agriculture, tanning, footwear, textile and fashion, renewable energies and construction, cosmetics, mechanics, food&beverage and ICT.

Later on, she moved to a well-established consulting firm working as Senior Consultant and Temporary Export Manager (TEM) assisting companies in agro-industry, recreational boat and shipbuilding, renewable energies and fashion sectors.

In the month of February 2019 she decided to start working on her own and keep on providing assistance to SMEs in their international growth.




Market Analysis and Intelligence Reports – Comprehensive, well-structured and insightful information to give you a deeper understanding of the industry and help you learning about the opportunities in the target countries. The analysis includes, among other things, competitors identification and assessment of their presence in the market; product/service positioning; developing an effective market entry strategy.


Business Matching and International Networking – Identification of strategic business partners and scheduling worthy meetings, including those with focal institutions.


International Exhibitions – Organisation and participation to international trade shows. The assistance provided consists of, but it is not limited to, interpretation services and logistics; B2B at the fairground; tailored-activities outside the show.


Business delegations – Managing sector specific trade missions and institutional delegations (both incoming and outgoing). Defining an ad-hoc itinerary so as to ensure the fulfilment of specific goals in the target country.


As digital export manager, I have developed a new set of services aiming at ensuring the increase of SMEs exports through online sales (e-commerce channels and marketplaces). Accordingly, I do assist companies with the definition of a digital entry strategy through Digital Market Analysis as well as the participation to Digital Exhibitions and other targeted online business events.





We provide market entry strategies for the European African Middle East South American USA Canadian Mexican Australian New Zealand Chinese Japanese Korean Indian Southeast Asian Market

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