IBG Global is your guide to success in international business development. We are a partnership of private consulting firms assisting organizations to meet and exceed their export trade and foreign direct investment objectives. We have:

Facilitating Joint Ventures

One of the most critical success factors to winning and delivering work successfully is the selection of the right partners to deliver your projects, whatever they may be. No potential partner is the same. Their differences are not so much in the What but the Why and the How. Selecting the wrong partners that misalign with your why and how will lead to pain and heartache at some stage of the bid or project. Misalignment on the commercial terms, or not being open and honest with each other or worse can potentially damage your reputation with the client or other stakeholders due to non-delivery or conflict.

At IBG Global we know that selecting the right partners is all about understanding and alignment on expectations.  Some of the key questions and areas where IBG Global can help you to ensure the you choose the right partner to design and deliver a winning bid and project include

IBG Global’s experts can facilitate workshops with your joint venture and consortium partners that explore and ensure alignment on key areas of your bid submission and project. We also can assist in the documentation of key governance documents and commercial frameworks that will drive the right conduct of all parties.

If this is an activity of yours in need of assistance, you can access our professional team by pressing HERE to connect with one of our global partners standing ready to work with you in this regard.

Business Development Services

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Market Research

Defining the best market opportunities for your product and the most efficient market entry strategy for the specific market(s) involved IBG Global is your ready and willing foreign partner.

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Export Promotion Assistance

With over 250 years of combined experience in identifying qualified agents, importers and distributors worldwide, IBG Global is uniquely qualified to be your human search engine.

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Product Sourcing

Seeking new supply chain sources, new product lines to represent or an offshore location for manufacturing, IBG Global is the address for fast and informed in-country assistance.

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Facilitating Joint Ventures

New opportunities abound worldwide for joint ventures in product development, manufacturing, financing and marketing.  Having assisted hundreds of companies to find their logical industrial partners, IBG Global is your address for assistance in this effort.

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Trade Missions

Through its long history of representing government economic development organizations worldwide, IBG is expert in conceiving, crafting, organizing and administering multi-company trade missions throughout its network.  Find out how you can tap into this incredible professional resource.

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Foreign Direct Investment Promotion

Are you a government or local agency charged with the responsibility of attracting foreign investors to your area?  IBG Global's partners each have over 20 years' experience identifying foreign companies seeking to locate abroad and bringing them to our client's locations.  

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