Israel was the only country in the Middle East so recognized

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Six new Israeli firms were listed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) among its 100 New Technology Pioneers in 2020.  

The WEF announced last week its 2020 Technology Pioneers, described “as future headline-makers addressing global issues with cutting-edge technology.”

“From artificial intelligence (AI) to carbon capture, this year’s cohort is using innovations to protect the climate, improve healthcare and much more, helping us to reset society and build towards a better future,” the WEF stated.

“This year’s class of Technology Pioneers are improving society and advancing their industries around the world,” said Susan Nesbitt, Head of the Global Innovators Community, World Economic Forum. “These are the companies that think differently and stand out as potential game-changers. We’re looking forward to the role they’ll play in shaping the future of their industries.”

This year’s Technology Pioneers are at the cutting-edge of a wide range of industries that span smart cities, healthcare cleantech, finance, logistics and more.

Israel was the only country to represent the Middle East.

The six Israeli companies included:

  • 3d Signals has created plug-and-play factory digitalization for improved productivity.
  • Aleph Farms is leading a sustainable food system to nurture the planet.
  • Prospera is transforming how food is grown with data and artificial intelligence.
  • MorphiSec provides deterministic endpoint protection against fileless attacks and evasive malware
  • Optibus has developed a high-tech mobility platform which improved mass transportation in cities.
  •  Seebo is helping manufacturers increase capacity and prevent losses using artificial intelligence.

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