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Company Description

Kansas Global provides customized export services to companies in order to help them succeed in international trade. These services help companies with the many facets of international trade and are customized to the specific needs and goals of each client.

  • Consulting and Connecting: We are a first resource for any international trade matter. Our comprehensive knowledge of international trade and the finest service providers in the region allow us to help companies connect with much needed resources and assistance.
  • International Sales Expansion: We help companies increase their sales in international markets. We provide market research, strategy consulting, tactical entry plans, a global network and assist in every step of the way. Our work for companies shortens the sales cycle, reduces risk and builds confidence.
  • Trade Compliance: We help companies in all areas of compliance. Developing compliance manuals, compliance training, ITAR assistance, facility assessment and much more.

We are nationally awarded and internationally recognized for our work in export services, trade compliance, and trade policy.

  • Fee-Based: this means we charge companies for specific projects we do for them, rather than using a membership model. We believe this allows us to provide more comprehensive, customized services for companies at a lower cost. It also allows companies to see results directly tied to the money they spend.
  • Consulting Firm: The core of our business is to help companies. We offer a wide variety of customized services and projects molded to fit the needs of each individual client. Building relationships and trust with our clients and helping them succeed is our focus.
  • International Trade: This is our niche; our area of expertise. There are many experts to help companies be more successful domestically. That’s not us. We focus on imports, exports, compliance, trade policy and all areas of international trade. If you have a question regarding international trade, whether it’s about a new opportunity or a problem that you have, ask us, and we’ll be glad to help.

We provide market entry strategies for the Market

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